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Giving Back

Amigos Fine Art, through our social project "De mi Tierra Querida,” supports the communities and families of artists and artisans around Mexico with basic principles: generate a new fair, healthy chain of income to support the families and the economy of the communities and work closely with our social partners to get the better and most efficient impact.


We strive to achieve sustainable growth among communities in Mexico, and together with our clients and partners, we can accomplish that.


With the help, direction, and advice from Fernando Motilla and his Marakame foundation, we are helping the communities to evolve, learn, and refine their crafts while preserving their traditions to secure a better future for them.

De mi Tierra Querida, Amigos Fine Art
The Artist Luis de la Crúz with his family in Tatéi-Kie Ph: Vinicio Herrera.

The Artist Luis de la Crúz with his family in Tatéi-Kie Ph: Vinicio Herrera.

De Mi Tierra Querida

De Mi Tierra Querida is our social project that develops specific collaborations to generate benefits and donate those benefits to non-profits around Mexico and the world. Our first project is cooking now! "De mi Tierra Querida NFT collection" will launch in July 2022. Stay tuned!

Casa Wilmot

Casa Wilmot, Arts and Crafts Workshop is a project of the Alejandro Díaz Guerra Foundation that aims to improve the living conditions of artisans through training in different techniques, with an emphasis on supporting indigenous women artisans. 


Taking up the essential elements of the Tonaltec tradition, Casa Wilmot encourages creativity and artisanal innovation with the application of new cutting-edge tools and technologies to the creative process.

Fernando Motilla

Fernando Motilla, through his Marakame Foundation, contributes to collateral aspects of support for Huichol families, such as direct financial support systems, support for family health, support for the realization of their pre-Columbian customs, and the proposal to merge new techniques and materials to carry out conventional Huichol art with beads and yarn.


Fernando and his Foundation have been remodeling the Tseriakame Ceremonial Center in the Cohamiata community belonging to San Andres -Tatei-kie- Municipality of Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico. 

Maestro Luis de La Cruz. by Martha Ballesteros.

Maestro luis de la Cruz. Ph: Martha Ballesteros.

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